Gisela Ueberall

Gisela Ueberall, born in Bünde, lives in the Ruhr area and has been working as a freelance artist since 1982.

Her early works are attributed to surrealism. But already there you can find a specific form and colour design, which she has worked out in several development periods up to the abstract works of today.

The conceptual focus has developed from the explicit pictorial structure of Surrealism to a painterly process that accentuates the effect of the colours. These intensely luminous colours captivate the viewer and concentrate in the composition to form a harmonious whole.



  • Düsseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Wiesbaden / Germany
  • Avignon, Dijon / France
  • London, Blackburn, Bristol, Torbay / Great Britain
  • Brussels, Diegem / Belgium
  • Veszprém / Hungary
  • Nicosia / Cyprus
  • Philadelphia, Trenton / United States
  • Quebec / Canada
  • Tokyo / Japan